Polish nationals are the largest group of immigrants in Ireland. In addition, Polish language is on the second place among the most frequently spoken languages - on the third place after English and Polish is the Irish language.


According to the official studies conducted by CSO (Central Statistics Office), in April 2011 there were 122,585 Poles who were residing in Ireland. Compared with 2006 (there were 63,276 Polish nationals), it increased by almost 94%.

Important thing is that the majority of Poles have been arriving in Ireland since 2004 or after. Since then their wifes and partners have been arriving in Ireland too.

Working Poles

The main reason for emmigration is search for a job. Since 2000 there is 351,246 Polish nationals who obtained a PPC number (Personal Public Service number). The PPC number allows for a legal job.

In 2004 there was first increase on number of Poles applying for PPS number in Ireland: 3,828 PPS numbers issued in 2003 vs. 27,295 issued in 2004. One of the reasons was Poland’s accession to the European Union, which allowed for a legal job search in Ireland.

During 2005 - 2006 there had been a singnificant increase in number of Poles applying for PPS number (93,787). However currently one can notice a decreased number of Poles applying for PPS.

How many Poles are there in Ireland?

It is difficult to state how many Poles actually live in Ireland. Lots of them learn English and blur their contacts with the Polish diaspora in Ireland. This can be a reason to misleading belief that there is less Poles residing in reality.

According to latest research conducted by CSO, all immigrants in Ireland now account for 12% of the total population.